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MacOS Quick Start Guide

Redpanda is a modern streaming platform for mission critical workloads. Redpanda is also fully API compatible Kafka allowing you to make full use of the Kafka ecosystem.

This quick start guide to intended to help you get started with Redpanda for development and testing purposes. For production deployments or performance testing please see our Production Deployment for more information.


Redpanda itself cannot run directly on MacOS, so we must make use of docker. If you wish to run Redpanda manually using Docker please follow our Docker Quick Start Guide. Otherwise you can download our binary, rpk, which stands for Redpanda Keeper, to orchestrate the running of Redpanda via Docker for you.

To install RPK, you can choose to either use Homebrew or download the binary directly.


The fastest way to install on MacOS is to use Homebrew. If you have Homebrew installed you can simply run the following command:

brew install vectorizedio/tap/redpanda


The latest RPK binary can be found here:

What’s Next?