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Profile picture of Alexander Gallego

Alexander Gallego

Alex is the founder and CEO of Vectorized. Most recently, he was a Principal Engineer at Akamai where he led the virtualization initiative (side-by-side containers and VM’s) through Kubernetes. In a previous life he was the founder and CTO of Concord Systems - a distributed stream processor written in C++ atop Apache Mesos, acquired by Akamai in 2016.

Profile picture of Noah Watkins

Noah Watkins

Noah is a software engineer at Vectorized. Previously, he worked on the Rook project at Red Hat focused on Ceph orchestration in Kubernetes. Noah received his Ph.D. from U.C. Santa Cruz in 2018 studying distributed storage systems, and before that was hacking on real-time Linux at the University of Kansas.

Profile picture of Michal Maslanka

Michal Maslanka

Michal is the in-house Chaos Engineering Expert at Vectorized. Previously, he was in the Akamai Distributed Data Engineering group working on storage for IoT.

Profile picture of Denis Rystsov

Denis Rystsov

Denis is a distributed system engineer with a passion for consensus and distributed transaction protocols. He's true to his MSc degree and seeks an opportunity to use theoretical computer science to get tangible impact on real products. Previously he worked on consistency testing of Cosmos DB at Microsoft and distributed systems at Yandex.

Profile picture of David Castillo

David Castillo

David is a software engineer at Vectorized. He is a co-organizer of ScaleConf Colombia, a tech conference about scalability, distributed systems, security, machine learning and modern software practices. Previously, he was a consultant for Fortune 500 companies focused on automating core infrastructure. In his free time, he enjoys perusing distributed systems papers and drinking tea.

Profile picture of Rob Blafford

Rob Blafford

Rob is passionate about C++, template metaprogramming and functional languages. In a previous life he was the founding engineer of Concord, a distributed stream processing engine, written in C++. Rob has worked on distributed databases and most recently on a high performance MQTT-5 protocol parser for Akamai’s global IoT solution.

Profile picture of Ben Pope

Ben Pope

Ben has a strong focus on correctness, simplicity, and performance. Ben brings over 18 years of experience with distributed systems in C and C++, developer tooling, trading platforms and automotive networking.

Profile picture of Andres Aristizabal

Andres Aristizabal

Andres is a software engineer at Vectorized working on coprocessors and cloud infra.

Profile picture of Sarah Rohrbach

Sarah Rohrbach

Sarah is the Head of Operations at Vectorized. She specializes in product and content management for startups and recently has become an aspiring C++ developer. Before joining Vectorized, she finished her first science-fiction novel that we are all anxiously waiting to read!


Profile picture of Abel Mathew

Abel Mathew

Abel is an advisor of Vectorized and the CEO and co-founder of Backtrace. Previously, he was the head of optimization engineering at Appnexus.

Profile picture of Duarte Nunes

Duarte Nunes

Duarte is an advisor of Vectorized. Previously, he was a committer to ScyllaDB, a Cassandra replacement in C++. His background is in concurrent programming, distributed systems and low latency software.

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