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hack the planet scholarship

UPDATE: We have selected a candidate, and the scholarship will no longer be taking applicants until next June, 2021. Please check back in then. This program is never ending, as soon as one recipient finishes her program, we will open it up again. Starting in September we are formally launching our Hack The Planet Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for Black, Latinx and all other underrepresented groups in technology wanting to work on distributed systems. The scholarship program is meant to support people hacking on a distributed-systems related project over a 4 month period.

The most valuable part of our scholarship will be your support system. Scholarship recipients will receive $1500/month, weekly 1-1 mentorship from our most senior staff engineers (some of us have worked on the largest systems in the world), monthly 1-1 with the CEO, code review and design review to hack on any project you want, preferably open source projects.

h4x::73h::pl4n37 Process

Scholarship requirements:

Must know basic programming in any of C++, Go, C, Javascript, Java (the programming languages our team is highly skilled in)

Write a proposal for a project that you want to hack on for 3-4 months and answer the following questions:

  1. Why you - Tell us your story (Github profile encouraged)
  2. How/Where we can help you the most
    1. Project
    2. Summary
  3. Why you want to hack on this project
  4. Send us the application to hacktheplanet@vectorized.io

The project must involve 2 or more computers trying to achieve a task (save data, replicate files, etc). The project should be challenging for you and should scope 3-4 months of work. Most importantly, we want you to have fun on the project knowing you have an amazing network of mentors to help you when you get stuck.

Limited to US residents at the moment. Special Thanks to our friends Jaren Glover & Chris Heller, as well as our team members Sarah, David, Noah & Denis, for reviewing earlier drafts.

[1] Check out our friends at seasons.nyc https://blog.seasons.nyc/creative-project to work on a design grant.