Redpanda Illustration


A Kafka® API compatible streaming platform for mission-critical workloads.

Try Redpanda today

curl -1sLf '' | sudo -E bash && sudo yum install redpanda -y && sudo systemctl start redpanda

Product Features

FeatureRedpandaEnterpriseVectorized Cloud
Kafka API compatible
Zero Data Loss
Kafka ecosystem compatible
K8s operator*
Schema Registry*
Auto tuning
Encryption in flight - TLS
HTTP Proxy*
Observability - Native Prometheus Support
Unlimited Partitions
Rolling upgrades
Partition auto scaling*
Read Replicas*
Disaster recovery*
Inline WASM Transforms*
Vault integration*
24/7 support
Professional Services
Hardware provisioning configuration
Managed cluster
Automated managed upgrades
Automated managed backups
VPC Peering
24x7 Monitoring and Alerting
Enterprise-level Uptime SLAs
Partition auto scaling
reclaim time

Reclaim engineering time with Redpanda.