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Early Access Support

Support and Maintenance Plan

During the Initial Term, and subject to payment of the applicable Support Fees, Vectorized will provide Customer with support and maintenance as follows:

Customer may submit any technical or other support issues, including any critical issues, by email at Support hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST during Business Days.


Vectorized will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to those issues according to the severity level indicated in the chart below:

Severity Level Description Target Initial Response Time
1 (Critical) A reported issue in the Beta Software that causes a catastrophic failure of the Beta Software that renders the entire system unusable 1 business hour
2 (Serious) A reported issue in the Beta Software that has a significant adverse business impact on the Beta Software or any critical function of the Beta Software, with no obvious work-around. 4 business hours
3 (Medium Impact) A reported issue in the Beta Software, not considered to be a Severity Level 1 support issue (as defined above), that causes serious disruption of a function, however the system is still serving users. 1 business day
4 (Low Impact) A reported issue in the Beta Software that is not affecting the Beta Software’s ability to perform substantially in accordance with the documentatio 2 business days


Vectorized shall also provide Customer with all maintenance releases (including updated documentation) that Vectorized may, in its sole discretion, make generally available to its customers and at no additional charge. All maintenance releases, on being provided by Vectorized to Customer hereunder, are deemed to a part of the Beta Software, subject to the License and all applicable terms and conditions in this Agreement. Customer will install all maintenance releases as soon as practicable after receipt. If Customer fails to install, or delays installing any maintenance releases for any reason, Vectorized shall not have any liability or obligations to the extent that such liability or obligation arose from, or was related to, any such failure or delay.